Hello all! This…

ImageImageHello all! This is Kim here, writing to tell you about summer vacation. Last month, Felicia, my husband Merce and I, all took a vacation up to Utah to see my brother Rick. The drive up was just beautiful and serene. From west of San Antonio, we met the lovely hill country of Texas. As we headed into New Mexico we were greeted by beautiful mountains all the way through to Colorado and up through Utah. It was such a pleasant change from the flat lands we see day to day in South Texas. Even the wildlife was so different from here. We saw big beautiful birds that would swoop down in front of us as we drove the high ways. It was clear we were invading their territory and not the other way around. At one point, we saw what we thought to be a dog prancing across the interstate. Being in the middle of no where, we found this rather odd. As we approached closer, we found it was clearly not an average dog, but a lone coyote. We  smiled as we embraced nature in its habitat.   

Driving through New Mexico, we were traveling through a reservation up in the mountains, for a while it seemed we were lost as there was nothing around and the road wasn’t the best. As we traveled up this one part of it, we debated over whether or not to turn back. As we reached the top, the down was so steep, it almost appeared as there was no drop. Merce and I looked at each other as we headed down it both smiling and said, “Awesome!” At the end of it, was our turn off, so we realized we were never lost after all. 

After a two day drive, we reached My brother’s home in the late evening. It was nice to get out of the car. I had missed him and was so happy to see him. He was also glad to see us and took us to dinner. We visited and caught up on what has been happening in our lives. Then, we went back to his home and went to bed. 

Well, that is all for now. Tomorrow, I will write more about our second day. Take care all and don’t forget to follow your dreams.