The Customer is Always Right?


I have been working in customer service for about 20 years give or take. One thing I always heard, in the beginning, was, “The customer is always right.” So much it seemed angry customers would chant this as they made their demands over issues.  This saying began to give them a sense of entitlement as they felt they could have whatever request they made because, well, the customer was always right.

Angry Phone Conversation

To this I say, no, the customer is not always right. However, the customer should always be respected. Through the years, I have seen the frustration customers can bring upon service providers. Especially those who feel entitled by

Angry Customer Service Representative Gesturing While Using Headtoday’s society. I have known many in the industry become jaded and who make matters worse by being rude, long hold times, or even hanging up on customers. All this does is exasperate the issue, causing the entitled customer to become more outraged and adds more fuel to their fire.


Any business you have relies on some type of customer to stay in business. How we treat those customers determines the quality of our business. It can make or break a relationship. We will always get those who have a reason to be angry, and those who feel they are entitled to something or other. Both customers deserve
to be respected and treated the way we would want if it were us.


For starters, whether we agree with their complaint or not, they need to know we hear them. Assure them their feelings or opinions are not falling on deaf ears. Then, we need to let it known we are truly sorry they are having such experiences or issues. If their demands are outlandish, don’t totally blow them off. Instead, let them know why their request cannot be carried out, and offer alternatives both parties can agree on. By fully explaining things to the customer, they are generally more willing to work with you instead of against you. Thus creating a more pleasurable experience for both parties.

Sure there are the unreasonable people who you cannot satisfy, but they still deserve to be respected in your tone and demeanor. That way, even if they are the ones being unreasonable, you can hold your head high that you did all you could on your part.

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What is Integrity?


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Talking to a customer yesterday, he mentioned that you can’t trust people these days. On a similar note, a friend posted on social media that she had a situation with a gentleman who also did not trust others. This got me thinking about not only honesty, but also integrity. It seems more and more people are under the impression that everyone is out to harm them in one way or another. We have become so sure that a deal will go wrong, we will be taken advantage of, or basically hurt, that we go into any situation on the defense.

This is understandable since many are out there with only themselves and their gain in mind. They deliver empty promises and in some cases right out lie. It makes me wonder, what does integrity mean today and does it still exist? I have worked for big companies that speak of integrity, but when it came down to it, they would put themselves first over employees and even customers as if these were mere pawns to their actual goal of greed.

Miriam-Webster defines integrity as a “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values:  incorruptibility.” I have also heard it is doing what is right even when no one is looking.  This seems straight forward, but has this become an outdated concept? Have we become a society where it is “eat or be eaten” so to speak? Is our greed and lack of empathy so strong that we feel we don’t have to keep our word?

I and a few others I know don’t feel this is the case. We believe that the only way to do business or to live life for that matter is with integrity. It’s a part of taking pride in one’s self and your work. It’s also the first block in building relationships with others. Yet it becomes more and more frustrating trying to convince others that this is the case, especially when they are out to prove you are lying from the get go. I personally don’t plan to give up, but I do wonder how we can change the mindset of today’s society in relation to honesty, empathy and integrity.

So, my question to you is what does integrity mean? Do you think it’s still common today? Are there still people out there that live by it? How do we make it a key factor again in life and business?

Working Online From Home


Thoughts? To me, it seems like a viable way to work with out worrying about commuting from place to place. It saves time, stress and money by avoiding the rush hour traffic and crazy drivers out there. Also, it would allow some one to have a schedule that works around their family and home. However, it seems it is a competitive place to find a decent honest living out of it. Here I will list some of the different outlets I am aware of that offer you to work online from home and make a decent amount of money if you can break your way in.

  1. Freelance Writing– Many sites offer a chance to write for them articles as a way to make some extra cash by freelancing. A quick google search will provide you with sites that are offering jobs.  One site I have come across over and over in different articles is Freelancer . This seems like a straight forward site. You pay to get what is called bids, that you can use towards different posted jobs listed on the site. Starting out you get a free 30 days of their professional membership, which seems to offer you an edge when applying for these jobs. I myself have not used Freelancer, but I have seen it mentioned a few times in other online money making articles.Therefore I leave it to you to try it out.
  2. Blogging-Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out there. It allows you to share your creativity with others while making a bit of change doing something you enjoy. Ways to make money blogging include including Google AdSense, creating memberships through various outlets, and even product reviews. Let’s take a moment to look at each of these.
    1. Google AdSense-Google will pay you for putting ads on your site and generating traffic through those ads. Problem I see with it is you have to have quite a bit of traffic coming into your site to begin with before you can acquire enough clicks to receive payment. From what I have found you get paid per every 1,000 clicks on the ad. If this is correct, a clarification would be great as I could not find much more.
    2. Memberships and Subscriptions-This is something I have just learned about. You can create a way for viewers to receive special content and privileges by agreeing to pay monthly.
    3. Product Reviews-Some companies will pay you to try out their products and review them on your blog. Again, you would need to have quite a large following to gain the notice of major companies and for them to consider using your blog to get their products out to the public.
  3. Vlogs and Streaming– This has become a popular venue for bloggers with Facebook Live, YouTubePeriscope, and Twitch. Pretty much these outlets are very similar to conventional blogging. Again, it is required to get a large audience to make a living with it.

I would like to reiterate that these are just my thoughts and opinions based on what I have read and seen through out the internet. These are just some of the venues out there, as I am sure there are many more. If anyone know of any others or has experienced any of this money making options, feel free to share in the comments.

Hello all! This…

ImageImageHello all! This is Kim here, writing to tell you about summer vacation. Last month, Felicia, my husband Merce and I, all took a vacation up to Utah to see my brother Rick. The drive up was just beautiful and serene. From west of San Antonio, we met the lovely hill country of Texas. As we headed into New Mexico we were greeted by beautiful mountains all the way through to Colorado and up through Utah. It was such a pleasant change from the flat lands we see day to day in South Texas. Even the wildlife was so different from here. We saw big beautiful birds that would swoop down in front of us as we drove the high ways. It was clear we were invading their territory and not the other way around. At one point, we saw what we thought to be a dog prancing across the interstate. Being in the middle of no where, we found this rather odd. As we approached closer, we found it was clearly not an average dog, but a lone coyote. We  smiled as we embraced nature in its habitat.   

Driving through New Mexico, we were traveling through a reservation up in the mountains, for a while it seemed we were lost as there was nothing around and the road wasn’t the best. As we traveled up this one part of it, we debated over whether or not to turn back. As we reached the top, the down was so steep, it almost appeared as there was no drop. Merce and I looked at each other as we headed down it both smiling and said, “Awesome!” At the end of it, was our turn off, so we realized we were never lost after all. 

After a two day drive, we reached My brother’s home in the late evening. It was nice to get out of the car. I had missed him and was so happy to see him. He was also glad to see us and took us to dinner. We visited and caught up on what has been happening in our lives. Then, we went back to his home and went to bed. 

Well, that is all for now. Tomorrow, I will write more about our second day. Take care all and don’t forget to follow your dreams.

Hello world!

Hello out there internet. Our names are Kimbra Ann Rodriguez and Felicia Nichole Gregg. We are an Aunt and Niece duo, and are going into business together. We are  starting this blog to catalog our adventures. In the coming blogs, we will be posting achievements as well as dreams fulfilled. Also, we will post helpful and healthful tidbits to make life more exciting and worthwhile.   We ask that you join us on this journey and subscribe to our blog. Leave a comment belong on things you’d like to see or find interesting. Thank you from Kim and Felicia