Day 1 -Travel to Italy


The plane ride was interesting. I could not feel the plane take off. I was worried for nothing. I had never been on a plane before, and I was terrified. The trip from San Antonio to Dallas took about an hour, Dallas to Chicago took two hours, and Chicago to Rome took eight and a half hours. I was extremely tired. I had been awake for two days and fell asleep in the airport. my friend had to kick me awake. My friend Vanessa and I rode the plane together. I really appreciate her doing that for me. I nearly cried when I finally saw Rome. I just could not believe I had finally made it there. It was a dream come true.


The ride to Siena from Rome was Beautiful. the ride took about 3 hours, but it was a pleasant ride. we had to walk from the gate into the city because the bus driver was not allowed to park in the city. Campus was Beautiful. We had to climb a hill with all our luggage. then we had to climb a monster set of stairs, but it was worth it. We dropped off all our luggage before we went to get our keys. we picked up our luggage and went to our rooms. I was room 5 which was right next to the stairs. not 5 minutes after getting to the room I locked myself out. I had to walk all the way down to the main office barefoot to get a spare key. Dinner was great. We had Porketto sausage and beans. I loved it. We had wine with dinner then Wine and bread for dessert. It was good wine. Heather and I helped to clean up after, the rest of the group stayed late and finished off the wine.


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